Mayu Fujisawa

Mayu Fujisawa

Born 1986 (Nagano Prefecture, Japan)

Mayu Fujisawa graduated from Joshibi Junior College of Art & Design in 2007 and earned her Undergraduate Degree in Textile Design. In 2008, she complete her Honors course.

Using pipe wrapping, a traditional Japanese handicraft technique, Mayu draws and then dyes pastel designs onto fabric. Her designs show a world inhabited by plants, animals and nature, which all tell a story. She believes that all things are the same. Plants, animals, nature, the earth, society, politics, humans, religion, words, knowledge, images and thought, they all have the same beginnings, and their inner workings are the same, only what you see on the outside is different. Through my fabric dyeing, from each and every thought and feeling, she creates her own view of the world.

Cotton cloth, wood panel and dye
43  x 63 in. (110 x 162 cm)

“I met a fox.

The fox can see things which humans cannot see.

The fox can see all things good and bad.

The fox is very kind and cowardice.

So that she can see many things, she keeps a clear mind.

And then, healing aloe flows from her tail.

Beautiful plants spring up from just one aloe’s drop.

But no one can see.

Only the fox.

And that’s why the fox cannot brag about it.

But, she is ok with that.”

KIRIN NO KI (Giraffe’s Tree), 2016
Cotton cloth and dye
71 x 32 in. (180 x 80 cm)

“Night ends and the sun rises.

At the same time, wisteria flowers bloom from KIRIN NO KI (Giraffe’s Tree).

A crocus also blooms and a pheasant lands.

Fish awake and search for food.

Birds fly and the morning begins.

KIRIN NO KI watches over them.

Watches over them quietly, quietly…

Watching them every day, every day.

And then night comes again.”

RAKUEN -UMA-, 2014
Cotton cloth, glue and dye
47  x 106 in. (120 x 270 cm)

“The place which is not near, but far.

The place which I can’t see now, but can see someday.

The place which hides much sadness and hatred.

In order to be rewarded, we must walk the miserable life which is ahead of us.

Please forgive our mistakes.

We are weak.

Although we are not powerful,

Pray for your happiness and to smile from now on.”

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