Ken Sakamoto

Ken Sakamoto

Born in 1976 (Providence, Rhode Island, US) and lives in Chiba, Japan.

Ken Sakamoto remembers an art store that he have visited many times. “It has been in business a long time, and I can sense the history of art emanating from the building. After it closed for the night, with no one around, it was nice to drink a beer and observe the old building. The building spoke to me and told me the history of the art that has resided and has been created there. It makes me happy and I want to drink more, too much, in fact. When I draw, a space that interweaves the three planes: the past, the present, and the future, is always present in my mind and the feeling that perhaps there is a fourth plane ahead…”

Selected Exhibitions

I Sekai Painting Grand Prize (Tokyo, Japan)


World Without an Entrance, 2015
Crayon and pastel
14 x 12 in.

Two Children Asking, 2015
Crayon and pastel
23.6 x 18.7 in.

In the Middle of a New Space, 2017
Crayon and pastel
22 x 28 in.


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