Taka Horii

Taka Horii

Taka Horii was born in 1965, Nara, Japan. He graduated from Tama Art University, then learned about many types of paper while working at a sales agency dealing in fancy paper and Japanese paper products. In 2015, he started studying Japanese traditional paper and also began his career as an artist using modern art sumi (black ink) and washi Japanese paper. His artworks are made using a combination of these traditional materials and acrylic which has excellent durability.

‘My work is based on three rules; to find a balance where the vivid acrylic paint and the dark Japanese ink exist in perfect harmony. I choose a theme where the words contradict one another. For example, creating harmony in the ‘Past & Future’, and ‘Man & Woman’, I want to express the balance in a tense moment and draw out personal experiences and special images. Finding balance in an unbalanced world – that is what is constantly required of us in life. I choose to combine two traditional Japanese mediums, washi (Japanese paper) and Japanese ink. Washi paper together with Japanese ink is strong and resilient and do not degrade over time, adhering strongly to the paper it is on well when dry. I combine acrylic paint for its antiweatherability and durability. Not only are these materials excellent for creating art, but I also feel they are important keywords in protecting and passing on Japanese tradition and culture.’

 Select Exhibitions

YW Gallery Group Exhibition
, Ginza, Tokyo
J-Collabo Annual Group Exhibition, Brooklyn, New York City


A Man and a Woman IV, 2017, Japanese washi paper, acrylic paint and Japanese ink
25 x 20 in. (63.5 x 50.8 cm)

A Man and a Woman III, 2017, Japanese washi paper, acrylic paint and Japanese ink, 25 x 20 in
(63.5 x 50.8 cm)

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