Ai Suzuki

Ai Suzuki

Born 1977 (Aichi, Japan), lives and works in Toyohashi-city, Aichi, Japan.

Ai Suzuki has loved to daydream since she was very young. She is always using her imagination, creating stories for her surroundings – both in reality and in her dreams. Her creative work mainly involves the stylized use of calligraphy brushes. This is her way of expressing the shapeless images of her imagination and the thoughts and feelings we can’t see.

Selected Exhibitions

Group Exhibition of Recent Work, Onishi Project, NY

Solo Exhibition, ITCHIKU KUBOTA ART MUSEUM in Yamanashi, Japan
Solo Exhibition, OUCHI GALLERY in New York

Solo Exhibition, Komaya in Aichi

Solo Exhibition, Nihonbashi-Takashimaya in Tokyo

Solo Exhibition, Gallery80, Tokyo
Solo Exhibition at Buddhist Temple in Aichi


Contest of Japan Design Calligrapher’s Association

Award of Culture Promotion in Toyohashi City

Crane, 2016, Japanese paper, 22 x 47 in. (55.8 x 119.3 cm)

Lotus Flower, 2016, Japanese paper, 21 x 57 in. (53.3 x 144.7 cm)

Shooting star, 2012, Japanese paper, edition 5/100, 22 x 47 in. (55.8 x 119.3 cm)

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