Larry Graeber

Larry Graeber had numerous exhibitions during his long career as a painter and sculptor, which began in 1971 with a paintings in a group exhibition at Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, which was followed by his first solo show in 1974 in McNay Art Museum, Texas.

Graeber’s paintings travel back and forth between a form of expressionism and formalism often coalescing in a reactive encounter he refers to as measuring districts for a chance of change. A physical and handcrafted quality often typifies his painting. He uses brushes and frequently incorporates such tools as trowels, squeegees and sticks to help delineate and invigorate the process. Together with these tools and his quest for orders and structures, he seeks to emulate a coherent fondness for nature, phenomena and convergences. His full biography can be found here

Born 1949, San Antonio, Texas

Lives and works in San Antonio, Texas