Onishi Project presents “At Two Places”

Onishi Project presents “At Two Places”

Affordable Art Fair Fall 2013 - flier for Onishi Project

Location A:
Affordable Art Fair, NYC at The Tunnel
269 11th Avenue at 28th Street, NYC
Preview Reception: Wednesday, October 2, 7-10 pm
Masaki Asakawa, Makiko Azakami, Mary Lynn Blasutta, Larry Graeber, Izumi Ohwada

Location B:
Group Show at Onishi Project
521 West 26th Street, NYC
Opening Reception: Thursday, October 3, 6-8 pm
www.OnishiProject.com  | 1.212.695.8035 | ny@onishiproject.com
Masaki Asakawa, Makiko Azakami, Mary Lynn Blasutta, Larry Graeber, Izumi Ohwada, Carlo Proietto, Akira Seo

Contact: ny@onishiproject.com / 212.695.8035

Onishi Project is proud to present “At Two Places,” a two-site exhibition inspired by and participating in the Affordable Art Fair New York. Onishi Project, the art management division of Onishi Gallery, is a showcase for emerging and mid-career artists from around the world. Connecting artists and art patrons across the globe, Onishi Project enables patrons to locate original paintings, sculptures, and photographs at affordable prices in the international art market.

In 1999, Will Ramsay launched the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park, which has now become a global phenomenon with events organized in Amsterdam, Bristol, Brussels, New York, Milan, London, Singapore, Hamburg, Mexico City, Rome, Seattle, and Stockholm. Over 1 million people have purchased over $250 million of art in Affordable Art Fairs across the world. Although only artwork under $10,000 may be sold at the fair, the standards are high and only artists represented by select galleries may exhibit. (For more information on the mission, history, and exhibitors at the Affordable Art Fair, see: http://affordableartfair.com/newyork

This fall, Onishi Project will be exhibiting the work of seven artists in two sites—at the Affordable Art Fair New York and at Onishi Project. These artists, hailing from Japan, Italy, and across the United States, address the sensibilities and subtleties of form through a variety of media: paper, paint, pen, wood, photography, and printing. The results are playful and ethereal color compositions, as well as minimalist and mysterious two-tone designs. Layered imagery and precise details are rendered with remarkable skill.

Please find complete biographies for the participating artists and other images of their work.

Participating Artists:

Masaki Asakawa
Tokyo, Japan
Masaki Asakawa exhibited work in a previous group show with Onishi Project. Here, Asakawa’s “Color Complex” series explores the culture of mass consumption. His work expresses the effect of its instability and the uneasiness he experiences in his own life.

Makiko Azakami
Tokyo, Japan
Makiko Azakami participated in the Affordable Art Fair New York in April 2013 and has exhibited with Onishi Project in a previous group show. Here, with great humor and breathtaking dexterity, Azakami turns the prosaic objects of everyday life into paper sculptures.

Mary Lynn Blasutta
Miami, Florida
Mary Lynn Blasutta exhibited work in a previous group show with Onishi Project. Here, Blasutta’s fun and fashion conscious mono prints take direct inspiration from the extensive sketchbooks she has kept over the years.

Larry Graeber
San Antonio, Texas
Graeber’s paintings travel back and forth between forms of expressionism and formalism, often coalescing in reactive encounters that he refers to as measuring districts for a chance of change.

Izumi Ohwada
New York, New York
Ohwada’s work encourages viewers to think that universal beauty is not derived from concepts and contexts, but spun gently and naturally from the gaze, the visual texture of everyday life.

Carlo Proietto
Foggia, Italy
Carlo Proietto had a solo show at Onishi Project in June 2013. Here, Proietto’s pyrographic images are etched with intention and strength. Through the transformative power of fire, the whole image transcends the graphic forms into the realm of symbolic meaning.

Akira Seo
Honolulu, Hawaii
Akira Seo had a solo show at Onishi Project in November 2013. Getting out to the ocean, waiting for the waves and riding them, the surfer’s lifestyle is the ocean. Here, Seo’s large monochromatic portrait photographs feature the surfers as they go in on the shore with their boards.

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