Special Opening Performance of "SUMMER GARDEN".
The artist Mark Chu and his girlfriend, Neil Pierce, taking his canvases to the Onishi Project in Chelsea


Onishi Project was established in 2012 as the art management division of Onishi Gallery, located in Chelsea, an art district of New York City and the center of the contemporary art world. At Onishi Project, we create a global market for emerging and mid-career artists by promoting their artwork in gallery exhibitions, in art fairs, and through dialogue with collectors and museum curators. We organize international shows in which our artists participate, sell their artwork online in our virtual gallery, and integrate them into our established social and professional networks through social media campaigns. Artists who join Onishi Project travel nationally and internationally to meet collectors and curators whose interests match their work. They not only gain exposure through these opportunities, but learn how to promote their work in the international art market.

Onishi Project offers art patrons as much opportunity as it offers to artists. Through our showcasing of emerging and mid-career artists, patrons discover original paintings, sculptures, and photographs at reasonable prices. We provide patrons around the world an enjoyable way to collect art, and the chance to acquire the work of future art world stars.

The mission of Onishi Project is simple and effective: to connect artists and art patrons across the globe. Be a part of this project, and become a part of the international art world. Read the full Introduction